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A rumination on life, parenting, sports and fitness

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A question of time management

I had a great conversation with one of my fitness mentors today in the gym, and it rotated a little bit around time management and how...

Day 1 in the books

So it has begun. I have been eating like a bodybuilder and training like one for precisely one day now, and I like how it feels. So far,...

The big plan

So I bit the bullet, people. Finally. After years of considering it and thinking about it and all that goes with it, I finally realized...

Live like you were dying

A good friend died suddenly two weeks ago. It particularly touched me and profoundly impacted me because we had spent time together just...

A note to my daughter

My daughter, whom I adore, is about to turn 15. Those of you who have been following my parenting columns over the years in the West...

Football is family is football

The John Abbott Islanders are going to the Bol d'Or this year and there's a family connection for me -- and it is very exciting for...

Don Cherry had to go

Don Cherry couldn't survive the natural fallout from when you wander onto television and yell at immigrants

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