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Blue Monday can be combatted with weight training and sunshine but mostly weight training

2024 has helped me find my smile again

This past Monday was ‘Blue Monday,’ which has been coined ‘the most depressing day of the year,’ with the combination of the holidays having passed and the long, desolate frozen winter beckons. Two months of dark, cold awfulness ahead of us.

I hate it. It feels at times like winter in Quebec is some sort of test. It tests my mental health, my spirits, the skin on my knuckles and my arthritis.

Every year at this time, I like to go into ‘training camp’ mode. I like to tighten my eating up – which I’ve done, get more sleep ({in bed by 10 p.m. is my goal) and spend more time walking my dog, especially if I have enough winter gear on.

It always pays off in increased happiness, better sleep, overall appetite, increased libido and more energy.

That’s because. It’s. Good. For. Us.

Our body functions better when we treat it better. Just spending more time moving than you have in the past will help you – and your outlook – feel better.

Whatever self-care means to you. For me, it means a return to my daily glass of greens for breakfast and a return to cleaner night-time eating. I would be lying if I said I said no to much over the holidays, even if I did spend a lot of them on my own and so I was only saying yes to my own urges.

But that’s OK. Cause those holidays are over and I don’t have to revisit the 2023 holiday season ever again. There was a great deal of pain, self-loathing, loneliness and despondence.

Yes, I was despondent.

But 2024 feels like my year for whatever reason, and I think that Ilike that train of thought will be a great way to get through what can feel like a VERY LONG winter.

Thinking you’re feeling the same? Come get started at Monster Gym with me and I guarantee.

This is a GUARANTEE.

You’ll feel better and you’ll have a smile back on your face. or call me at 514-742-5465.

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