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Dad jokes, Trump wisdom and another day in paradise...or something

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is freedom from quarantine, but it;s going to be a while yet.

It's day 3 of house arrest, sort of.

I have started rebuilding my client base by offering virtual training sessions, allowing the client to get a great, supervised workout via video-calling applications on my tablet. It’s worked out quite well so far, and my clients have a wide range of equipment available to them; from a garage full of first-rate cable pulleys and free weights to a single set of dumbbells to no weights at all, it’s not impossible to get a great workout in your own home while you are stuck there.

Again, I feel I am very, very fortunate in that I have a well-equipped home studio wherein I can lift just about enough weight to challenge me at any given time.

There are a multitude of different options that I have at my disposal that others don’t and each can serve a different purpose. If you are possibly looking for a piece of, or many pieces of, fitness equipment to help you in your own home workouts, they are a valuable option, after talking to a fitness professional first, of course. They can help you get on the right track and avoid spending big dollars on small benefits.

To our south, U.S. President Donald Trump, who appears to be a sentient glob of cheese from a 7-11 nacho station, reiterated his desire to end this quarantine and send everyone back to work, like, yesterday. I suppose it’s no coincidence that the sharpest percentage rise of Coronavirus positive tests belongs to our neighbour to the south, who are leading the world in being bad at responding to a pandemic.



Seriously, though, it appears that there are some positive stories coming out of this whole self-quarantine business. The environment is starting to heal itself a little bit, a possible vaccine is in trials in a few different laboratories around the world, and people are actually starting to take this seriously. At least, they are here at home. I can’t speak to what they’re doing in other places, because I’m sort of quarantined.

At least tomorrow is abdominals day!

Stay tuned tomorrow for another post from behind quarantine lines. For now, I’ll leave you with a great dad joke worthy of groaning at:

What do you call a perfect going-away present that you bought on sale?

A good buy!!!

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