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It's all happening

The biggest business decision of my life has come to fruition and I couldn’t be more excited about what has gone on.

Loyal readers may remember in this space a few weeks back where I was considering a major life decision and might even consider that I had made it.

And, I had.

Going forward, I will be training my clients out of the very best fitness facility I have ever seen IN MY LIFE, that being Monster Gym in Dorval. The gym is located near the intersections of Highway 40 and Sources Boulevard – a convenient and central location that’s easy to get to from anywhere in the West Island and surrounding areas.

The office space I’ve rented will allow me to properly consult with my clients in a space that is reserved for them – and that status also allows us access to the gym’s VIP training area, which is reserved for private one-one-one sessions for trainers and their clients. If privacy and discretion are your bag, this is going to be a great place for you.

Training with me at Monster Gym also allows you access to a private locker room that is reserved just for you. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

The gym itself is almost miraculous in terms of its accessibility, its level of equipment and its massive breadth. There is no level of exerciser it cannot accommodate.

I’m excited about working with my clients in a space that is 100-per-cent fitness, and I’m even more excited about exposing them to the absolutely incredible facility I can now call home.

Starting April 1 – no, it’s not an April Fool’s joke – I’ll be working out of Monster Gym regularly and there wil be space, time and the facilities that I need to serve my cleints in the best way possible.

There are so many good reasons to exercise and spend time pushing your physical limits in a controlled setting that it would be silly to list them here again, but I think it bears repeating. Movement is Medicine, and a lot of what ails us can be helped and even allayed through movement.

Weight training helps us maintain our musculature, boosts our immune system, boosts brain function, increases bone density, delays the onset of cognitive decline, helps us process food better and digest it better and even allows us to have more confidence and less anxiety.

It’s a damn miracle, is what it is.

There’s no magic pill, but it’s as easy as spending an hour a couple of days a week moving your body, and you will see before long the effects and the changes in your body. Training with me is an investment in yourself and you’ll see the return on that investment before very long – that’s a promise.

You can email me at or reach out through the site if you have questions or interest in getting started in the gym with me. Investing in yourself will help you be a BETTER you, and it can be as early as today.

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