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It was time to start this thing up again


This is Bruce, who joined the pack in July

Welcome back, dear readers!

I’m so glad to be back writing to you again, and I’m very glad to be reconnecting with you all again once more.

It’s been ONE HELL of a year. Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only one happy to see 2023 in the rear view mirror – and then I get on social media and realize I’m not alone in that feeling.

Which is nice.

My business has been excellent and my clients across the board have experienced gains in strength and energy and enjoyed losses of weight and fat off their bodies. For my older clients, their gains have been just as impressive, with strength training allowing them to enjoy life to the fullest.

The year without sugar paid off nicely

One pair of husband-and-wife older-athlete clients were able to hike the Canadian Rockies this summer and, with their consistent application of good habits allowing them to move as well as they did 30 years ago and to shake off injuries faster.

After all, when you get to a certain age, you’re no longer training for sports, but for quality of life. The fact of the matter is that the benefits of strength training allow everything else to be better in the rest of our lives. Some clients I see weekly, some twice weekly and others as often as seven days a week.

One of my regulars – who I am loath to name, because of privacy concerns – has changed her habits so drastically and with such success that she has taken off almost 50 pounds in six months. Her dedication to training and her dedication to changing her nutrition habits have been inspiring to me personally and professionally.

Amazing stuff!

Another one of my regulars is a Masters swimmer, and has seen such gains that she has overtaken swimmers who used to lap her – and they can’t figure out how! She’s amazing, too. I am so very blessed to have these two in my life.

Bruce is getting big. He's over 100 pounds now

They ganged up to surprise me on my birthday and made me loved and cared for in a way I can’t explain, even though It’s my blog and that’s kind of exactly the point.

Fine, fine.

It made me feel incredible and capped off an amazing birthday that was one of my best ones ever.

I got a new St. Bernard puppy in July, whose name is Bruce. He has been my constant, loyal and occasionally flatulent companion since I brought him home and has allowed me to find my way out of dark places at many times over the past year.

I am incredibly blessed in so many ways. 2023 was tumultuous, with many changes going on in my personal and professional life – and that left you, dear readers, in the dark.

The big news for 2024 is that there is some limited availability for me still – and if you, dear readers are looking to feel better, stronger and faster, with improved brain function, improved libido, more endorphins, greater appetite and better bone density, now’s a good time to reach me. E-mail is or by phone at 514-742-5465.

Blogging, unfortunately, had to take a back seat. But that’s OK. Dark places have exits and the only way out is through.

I cannot apologize enough. But I’m back and glad to be back.

It’s 2024 and let’s get moving.

The best time to start is now.

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