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My day at the CBC, or how I learned to stop worrying and love live radio

2020 has already been an amazing year to date. New friends, new clients, and new contacts in a pair of incredible women I met on Jan. 2. It’s going to be pretty hard to top the second day of the year, but dammit, I’m going to try.

This bodybuilding thing has already taught me a number of things about myself, about my body’s limits and discipline. It’s also taught me about eyebrow waxing (more on that in another post), coloring my hair (ditto) and body art (yeah, yeah. I’ll get to that one by Friday), but mostly it’s taught me that I have way more people rooting for me than I thought.

Live on CBC Radio Noon with host Andie Bennett (rear) and fitness professional Sonya Fernandez (obscured by my massive head) on Jan. 2.. 2

I had no idea that I had inspired some to get back moving again after the baby years that leave new parents drained and emotionally exhausted. I had no idea that some friends would be so moved by my story they’d get back in touch after many years to resume training.

And above all, I couldn’t possibly have hoped to learn that we, as humans, are more alike than we can possibly imagine and it’s the walls we put up around us that prevent us from understanding that about each other and feeling less isolated. More on that a little later this month.

But on Jan. 2 on a live Radio Noon interview with Andie Bennett (of whom I have been a huge fan since her work on Melnick in the Afternoon on the Team 990; later TSN 690) and fellow fitness professional Sonya Fernandez (who has also competed in bodybuilding competitions) on CBC Radio, I had the time of my life.

Fellow fitness professional Sonya Fernandez makes a point during our interview with CBC Radio personality Andie Bennett.

First, Bennett’s empathetic, professional delivery belies her competitive nature, and her passion for fitness and exercise very much mirrors my own, and her path feels very familiar to me, as she gets her footing back in the gym after having her first child. Her ability to juggle her home life and shifts on the radio inspired me and her stories of getting back in the gym made me grateful that my own children are older now and can be left on their own while I put in my hours at the gym.

Being more grateful for the blessings in my life has helped me emerge from the cocoon of darkness under which I spent December and I am extremely grateful I came across both Andie and Sonya, whose effervescence and positive energy just comes out of her every pore. The hour passed in what felt like seconds, and I could have spent hours talking motivation, vision boards (very cool!) fitness, workouts and sports psychology with the two of them.

In fact, if you never get the chance to talk fitness, exercise and nutrition with Sonya Fernandez, then my friends, you are missing out. Genuinely. Her non-judgmental nature and ability to boil down complex questions will definitely help you if losing weight is a struggle as it is for many. Sonya is a one-stop shop for information you can use on your journey, I promise. Stay tuned for more on that!

What a privilege it was to spend time with these two incredible women (from left) fitness professional Sonya Fernandez and CBC Radio personality Andie Bennett. You know who the other one is.

Who knows? I may yet get that chance. The only question is, dear readers, will you be able to listen in? If you’re not, then you’re missing out -- again.

I would recap the interview for you, but wouldn’t you rather listen to it yourselves?

On another new year’s note:

May 2020 bring light and happiness into each of your lives dear readers, but if pain and heartache come your way, I wish you the strength to handle it and the determination to put it behind you, alongside a special Marc Lalonde Experience offer: if you have no one to talk to, and you feel like you’re all alone in the cold and darkness, send me an email. You are not alone, and I’ll make sure that you’re not.

Send emails to If I’m awake, I’ll answer you.

I'm serious. You are not alone.

And because I love you, here is another shirtless photo. I'm very fortunate to have a home gym that's pretty well equipped, so I was able to snap training photos on both Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

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