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So, I got a tattoo

It’s super cool!

I’ve been afraid my whole life of a lot of things – and getting a tattoo on my skin was high among them. Many times my friends have gotten them and I watched and was envious of their courage.

Well, I went and did it, finally.

It has enormous emotional symbolism and I was excited to put my kids’ initials in it as well.

I’d tell you more, but I’m not quite ready to do that. Suffice it to say, I went to Adrenaline Ouest at Labrosse and St. John’s Blvd. in Pointe Claire and got my first-ever tattoo by artist Steve Gelhsen.

My fears of too much pain were quickly allayed, and I got what I hoped for with a couple of other initials in there that are also extremely personal and very important to me.

It’s a great-lookin’ manly butterfly, baby.

It’s got my kids and my love in it. I couldn’t have asked for better.

The occasion? It was my season of healing – and it coincided with my daughter’s 18th birthday last week.

I had the time of my life while it was being applied. I felt loved and supported and it was easier than I could possibly have imagined. And it’s another fear conquered. Another piece of evidence that I plan to live with courage rather than wait to die with fear.

That’s what I decided to do when I decided on this year without sugar. I decided to live with courage and embrace that which scared me.

Now, I run up and down the steps like I’m 25 years younger than I was three months ago. It’s crazy. You HAVE to try it. Even my arthritic joints feel like, well, they aren’t arthritic.

That’s the most amazing thing of all. Movement truly is medicine.

I have love in my life and it has made me stronger than anything.


More lower body and abs today as I continue my week without doing any upper-body exercises to rest a sore right shoulder. Making promises to myself can really suck sometimes, but they matter.

That said, sometimes the things we talk ourselves into when we are at our lowest often run counter to our own instincts, but when we promise ourselves that we can be happy, want to be happy and will be determined to be happy, well, sometimes that makes those promises we make to ourselves really just feel like just beating ourselves up.

From my end, my beating myself up is over and my life is worth living. There is love in it, and that makes me stronger than anything.

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