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There’s no time, you’re exhausted and everything hurts? I know. Here’s how we make that better

There are so many reasons not to exercise, but all you really need is one good reason.

Lady Gaga has a great song called ‘A Million Reasons’ about a lover she’s reluctant to leave, saying all she needs ‘is one good reason,’ to stay.

I understand that feeling, and I understand how it applies to weight training and exercise, especially as we get older. Our energy is low, the grind of daily life makes it a challenge and if I go exercise, won’t I just have even less energy than I do right now? Should I be afraid of exercise?

The answer is, of course, no.

That’s a fallacy and it needs to stop there. By putting in a little bit of energy on a regular basis to improve your body’s performance on all levels, you will find that energy is returned to you tenfold. Stairs are easier, your appetite and sleep get better and you will have improved self-confidence.

Maybe that’s the reason you need to start working out.

Maybe you need to be told that over the long term, every day you work out you are improving your odds of living a long, healthy life.

Maybe you need to be told that weight training has benefits to the skeletal system and it increases your bone density, thereby mitigating the damage cause by falls.

Maybe you need to be told that weight training increases your body’s insulin response after meals.

Maybe you need to hear that weight training has shown to offset cognitive decline and maybe you need to hear it promotes the production of endorphins and dopamine, which will make you feel GREAT.

In short, it’s good for literally every aspect of your existence. You’ll also note that I haven’t even mentioned looking and feeling better as side benefits.

The second part I want to address is the fear of pain or lactic acid. A lot of potential clients tell me they are nervous about getting ‘killed’ by a personal trainer in the gym.

Let me be very, very clear about this. A trainer who ‘kills’ you on your first day ( one that pushes you past the threshold of exhaustion on your first or second day in the gym) is a SHITTY trainer.

The best trainers take their clients on the journey with them, accompanying them every step of the way. The best trainers help their clients embrace the love of movement, of exertion and moving to the point of pushing limits over time. Any trainer that makes you want to leave the gym and never come back has failed as a professional and as a fitness leader.

It’s unlikely any of my clients will compete in the Mr/Ms. Universe pageant this year, but most of them will tell you that I have been by their side every step of the way, helping them to hit their goals over time and that the journey, not the destination, is the main thrust of what we are doing.

Are you nervous about the gym? Are you intimidated by the prospect of working out? Don’t be. Contact me today at, or reach out on my business phone at 514-742-5465 and we can get you started.

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