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Unconditional love is a great driving force

Feeling good because I have so much to smile about

Dogs rule all the time. People suck sometimes.

That’s it.

My dogs are amazing. They are the picture of loyalty and unconditional love.

Unconditional love.

What a driving force. What an amazing gift.

Well, that and the ability to lick themselves.

I swear, if I could do that, I might never leave the house.

In hard times you find out what people are all about – and especially those in our lives who have disappointed us.

We also find out who loves us and that’s also pretty amazing and special.

We discover at the root of our fear and pain is often a crippling idea that we may not be good enough. It’s quite common. Especially in a day and age of curated social media and the FOMO (fear of missing out) idea.

But when life is really hard and your friends and loved ones come out to support you that’s the greatest gift in the world.

That also makes me realize that dammit, I am good enough. And so are you.

You, dear reader, are ALSO awesome, especially if you have made it this far.

Ted Lasso once said it very well.

Least, I think it was Ted. He said ‘hurt people hurt people,’ and although I’m trying like hell to stop that cycle in my own life, I haven’t always been successful.

But I’m trying. I’m trying by focusing on my work, and being great at the many facets of my professional life. I focus on my nutrition and my training, which have a tremendous effect on our self-esteem and emotional checks and balances. I’m also getting enough sleep and eating clean.

But man, oh, man. Sometimes people disappoint you so hard you don’t know exactly how to come out of it.

But I do, as a matter of fact. I just detailed my plan above.

Train. Eat well. Sleep lots and focus on my work.

And above all, hang out with my dogs. It’s unconditional love.

Maybe I’ll learn how to lick myself in the process.

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