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Your. Life. Will. Be. Better

With weight training, your life will be better. That's a promise.

Winter misery doesn’t have to be miserable!

The doldrums of winter are tough, man! It’s cold, snowy and cold and snowy. It’s dark at, like 4 in the afternoon and all I want to do is sleep.

I’m not alone, and it’s not uncommon.

Recently, I spoke to psychologist David Martel, and he told me that of course people are going to have less energy in January.

Of course they are.

It’s the darkest month of the year, with sunsets regularly setting in before 5 p.m., and as carbon-based beings, less sunlight decidedly means less energy for us – but the demands on us remain the same and often are increased, if you have made some sort of crazy New Year’s Resolution.

But to demand more of ourselves when we are not able to do it is often folly. That’s why January is a great time to consider making changes to your habits. Weight training – especially as we get older (and I’m looking at you, everyone who is my age and older) – is so, so important for our bodies and their functions. It’s not about being ripped, buff or any of that nonsense.

If you are training for esthetic purposes, you will give up. If you are training to better yourself and are willing to accept the esthetic improvements that come with that, well, then you’re on the right track and you have the right mindset.

Now, training in January is tough, admittedly, but the effects are so wide-reaching that I think it’s worth the extra effort. You will artificially create sunlight in your mind with endorphins, you will increase the appetite you may have lost along with your energy, you will revive your flagging libido and you will enjoy life more.

You. Will. Enjoy. Life. More.

I think that message right there is the most important one I can send to you, dear readers.

In January. At all times, really.

You lift heavy things and put them down gently and you will enjoy life more.

I know what you’re saying.

‘But Marc,’ you’ll say. ‘Don’t you get sore and tired from weightlifting. Isn’t it painful?’

Yes, but no. You will end up having MORE energy. Not less. You will end up feeling great, not painful and sore. There is muscle fatigue involved, but that’s merely temporary. Very, very temporary. Stretching, keeping warm and eating an appropriuate amount of protein also mitigate those effects.

That said, if you are an adult in the world over the age of 35, you already have aches, pains and other hindrances that affect you daily, and they suck. Weight training will get rid of those pains and you’ll feel instantly younger.

You. Will. Enjoy. Life. More.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? It helps that, too. Your immune system will help you not get sick.

I repeat.

Weight training will help you not get sick. As I posted on Facebook this week, if you don’t invest time in your wellness, be prepared to spend it on your illness. The boost to your immune system alone is worth it.

Still not sure? Message me at or 514-742-5465.

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