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A momentous life decision

By the time you read this, I’ve come to a humongous life decision.

Might be the biggest one of my life. Could be second. Maybe third.

And no, I’m actually not going to talk about it here, or now, and for very, very good reasons.

That said – to quote Owen Wilson’s character in that 1998 ode to asteroid destruction Armageddon – I’m 99 percent scared and 1 percent excited. Or maybe more like 1 percent scared and 99 percent excited.

Now, I’m not going up in a specially equipped space shuttle for a life-or-death mission to save the earth, but I’m terribly excited about it. I’m also scared, because it requires me to do something outside of my comfort zone – take responsibility.

I know, I know. ‘You’re a father. Doesn’t get more responsible than that,’ is a common thought you might have, but I’ve been scared of accountability and scared of a lot of things.

No more. I’m tired of being afraid. I will live not in fear, because there is no life in fear. Fear is dark, cold and hard and there’s no room for the light there.

I refuse to go that way. I embrace the light. I embrace it fully and with all my heart.

So, that’s the thought for today – and it’s one I’ve written before, but this time FEELS different. Love makes the world go ‘round. It chases the light and lets things grow.

That’s why I train and work with people. Because I LOVE it. One couple I work with every week are a retired couple from Dollard des Ormeaux who I see via Zoom.

Every Friday morning at 10 I start our session and it’s one of the best hours of my week. They have a great sense of humor and our rapport is excellent. It never, ever fails to fill my emotional cup. I love these two, and I love working with them.

I know that they, as well as I, can feel the genuine good nature of our relationship and it fills me with love and warms my heart. It makes some of the harder mornings of the week easier and is also a great workout for me – so, a double benefit.


I use this couple as an example because they are the kind of people I love working with and the kind of client who really does become like family. It’s a great feeling for both parties – the one drawback being that one of them was laughing so hard today that she forgot to start her dumbbell bench press set.

OK, so not such a huge drawback.

So, I’ll move forward -- but not with fear and the cold hardness that comes with it. I’ll do it with love. With the warm, broad smile of love.


It’s so exciting. And as I turn my winter of my discontent into my season of healing, I wish the same for each and every one of you.

I know that from my end, my daily training sessions have been a godsend. I have even gone twice in a day a couple of times and I’m pleased to say the fat I have gained while wallowing in self-pity is disappearing quickly.

I’m regaining definition in my muscles daily and I’m super pleased with the results of my working out – but I’m even more pleased with the MENTAL effects.

There is a kind of euphoria – similar to a runner’s high – that you get after a grueling exercise session and that’s been a great way to help chase off January’s darkness. It's AMAZING.

After all, I have love in my life and it makes me stronger than anything.

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