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Can't afford to work out? You can't afford NOT to!

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My year without sugar is almost six months old.

It’s not much of a challenge anymore to eschew cookies, treats and candy in favor of other, more healthy and balanced options.

In fact, the more I practice my willpower, the greater it becomes and the easier it is to resist the impulses that go with my ADHD.

In fact, resisting those impulses has borne fruit in myriad ways.

Full confession: I out on so much weight in the last two years that I could no longer bring myself to look at myself on the sidelines of game tape because I looked pregnant, with a belly stretching over my waistband and frankly, I was shamed by it.

But I kicked that feeling of shame because we are not our bodies – but at the same time, it was shame that allowed me to keep eating and eating endless amounts of crap at night because I didn’t like myself and couldn’t talk about it – to anyone.

At times, the strain on my legs and knees was so much I felt like an old person just waiting to die. My quality of life was next to nil and my outlook was even worse. The only thing that would make me feel better in those dark times was take-out garbage and brightly-wrapped candy.

That, of course, just made things worse.

Now, talking about it has taken its power away from me, and I’m here to tell you that there is nothing you can’t do if you put your head down and start chipping away at bad habits today.

After four to six weeks, you’ll be down some weight, you will move better. Your bone density will improve and your cognitive functions will also improve.

In fact, it’s MORE important for older people to weight train because the benefits are so many and so wide-ranging.

So the next time I hear someone tell me they are too old for the gym, I will tell them, exactly this: You’re too old NOT to go to the gym!!!

I’m down 67 pounds in five months. I am willpower in action and every day, I affirm that fact with actions.

Take action today. Are you feeling crappy, tired, run-down or beat up by life? The gym might be your answer. Message me at or call me at 514-742-5465 and we can get you started as early as today.

Can’t afford the time to go the gym? You can’t afford NOT to.

Remember, movement is medicine!

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