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Day 1 in the books

So it has begun. I have been eating like a bodybuilder and training like one for precisely one day now, and I like how it feels.

So far, so good.

Shirtless again. Least no one's laughing!

Here was my fitness output today: three classes taught and a 24-set chest and triceps workout. I'd go into detail, but man, that would take all night and it's time for sleep. Four hours of weight training and a three-hour walk with my dogs. A good day, overall. I can't complain. I feel tighter and better all over and my grumpiness certainly subsides when

Four small meals of three cups of baby spinach and one cup of chicken breasts

Two protein shakes and four litres of water.

Now it's time for bed and wondering if pouring my heart out will impress my friend. I suppose anything's possible.


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