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Fatigue and the month of December are trying to gang up on me

The advent calendar is strong in our house. With multiple iterations being gifted upon my children from all sides, I grow ever more tempted to dip into those yummy tempting treats. Muna reached out the other day to ask me when the last time I had a cheat meal was, and I couldn’t honestly remember.

Another shirtless photo. Avert your eyes, children!

So when I turn 43 in a few days, I think I’ll opt for that cheat meal. For now, I’ll have to find ways to busy myself. This week has been absolutely insane for kids’ sports, with stuff for both kids every night this week.

(As I write this, my kids are chowing down on rotini and homemade bolognese sauce as we get ready for hockey practice for one and basketball practice for the other. I ate spinach and chicken earlier. It’s a typical weeknight in the Lalonde household).

Today was abdominals day, and I complimented it with teaching a class in the morning and getting some serious work done in my midday lifting session. I used a lot of the stuff Muna and I had done together the week before, but certain equipment deficits in my West Island gym forced me to improvise – and that happened to be the best part of my set.

It was an active day and it will be an active evening. Every day, I try to do an hour and 15 minutes of hypertrophy training (growing the muscles) and an hour of reasonably high-intensity cardio work, coupled with a daily walk of my dogs that can also help cut into the daily calorie count.

Now, yesterday’s back-bicep set was fairly jargon-heavy, with different words describing different ways to do things. Constant re-evaluation is a huge part of what exercises will help the muscle grow and further define themselves as I lean out.

I made a promise to myself at the beginning of November – that I would do everything in my power to take on a challenge that will test my will, and to do it now -- and I’m not planning on breaking it now.

One conversation I had this week centred on how I would manage to stay disciplined, say, on Christmas Day, which is a big celebratory day in our home. Easy. In the morning, while everyone is settling in with gifts and tea, I will knock out my workout in the home studio.

Then brunch, where I’ll allow myself some eggs and bacon, but that’s the extent of it. A cardio break in the afternoon, where I’ll do an hour on the rower and then Christmas dinner, which is a huge turkey and trimmings, which include broccoli. So, turkey breast and broccoli and I don’t have to watch everyone else eat.

At least, not until dessert.

And by then, the advent calendars will be gone, too!

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