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I did abs with Muna and lived to tell the tale

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

I must say, knowing that ultimately the end goal is not to win but to participate, that I have enjoyed the bodybuilder weightlifting regime and the dedication to the nutrition aspect of it.

To be honest, it’s also taken a lot of guesswork out of my meals.

A steady, constant, day-long diet of greens and proteins, followed by a walk with the dogs for two to two-and-a-half-hours every night have started to pay dividends. Monday was shoulders, followed by teaching two classes at midday, rowing for an hour in the afternoon and then a couple of metabolic sessions in the evening capped off a busy day, so that only meant an hour walk for the dogs that night.

Tonight is Tuesday, so that meant only two and a half hours of working out and then a two-hour walk for the dogs tonight. The best part is that we have to keep on adding extra distance in order to meet the two-hour quota, so that means I’m getting faster – good news for my quadriceps, which was re-attached to my knee on Sept. 26 – and good news for my overall body mass, because I know I’m getting leaner again also.

Another shirtless photo, you pervs!!!!!!

It’s a refreshing change from the days of eating all the Halloween candy when I was feeling sorry for myself on the couch. I blamed a friend for encouraging me to indulge in what I otherwise might not while otherwise laid up but I know it was not anyone’s fault but my own. I ate the candy. I own that. But guess what? I don’t feel sorry for myself anymore.

Today, though, I did – a little bit.

After days of prepping on my own and doing my own thing, I had a moment to train with my colleague Muna Breitem at Club Midtown le Sanctuaire, which is home to some of the best trainers in Montreal, among whom Muna must certainly be counted, and I like to think, me.

But Muna is a taskmaster, and today we did abdominals.

I should have clued in when one of her other frequent training partners chuckled to himself when he heard I was going to do abs with Muna. Her abdominal workouts and use of the Roman chair apparatus is the stuff of legend.

For good reason. We started in the Roman chair and remained in that area for the majority of the workout. It was…a lot of fun, actually. A fantastic workout at a good pace with great company – Muna is as engaging in conversation as she is knowledgeable about fitness and it was a privilege to share the workout with her.

Then, at the end, we adjusted my eating patterns to account for the extra classes I was teaching and to support doing more muscle groups in a day. There’s a ton of protein, which I love, and greens, which I love slightly less. Doesn’t matter, man. I have a path, and I’m going to follow it.

But, man, was it tough.

Good lord, was it tough.

As I write these words, I can feel every muscle in my core fully – and I mean fully – engaged. No, pervs. That’s not what I meant.

In addition, I can feel myself leaning out all over, which, of course is the point. I am feeling pretty good about myself at this point in time – which, ultimately is the end goal in all this. I don’t have to win – I just have to participate proudly.

Check in anytime. Inquire about personal training in the West Island or in town at Midtown Le Sanctuaire, the very best health club in the city, without exception. Hit me up at

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