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It's a damn good day to be alive

This has been a season of healing for me. It's been an incredible few months of ups and downs, heartache and heartwork, stress and joy.

Today is Sunday, and even though my weekend has literally been filled with activity and work, I've felt AMAZING about it.

As my year without sugar continues to my utter surprise and sort-of astonishment, I'm taking stock of the wins and the losses and there have been way more of the former than of the latter. I'm down 58 pounds since January.

Don't emotionally eat, kids.

That's healing. That's progress and that took work and a lot of self-examination.

I'm not quite ready to post shirtless photos again but I'm getting there and I as I fall back in love with myself I realize I'm much more resilient and I can do anything.

My business has climbed back to sustainability and I have some of you, dear readers, to thank for that. Your engagement and your interest in working with me has allowed me to rent space in the city's top gym, Monster Gym and to make a profit (so far) doing it.

Perspective is everything.

On Saturday, I got up at 7 and headed into the gym because that was my only chance to get in before I spent a few hours on the field coaching football and raced off to my daughter's CEGEP AAA hockey final series game.

They lost in shootouts ( which should never, ever be a thing in a playoff hockey game, but I digress) and I spent the end of my day walking my dogs and weighing my self-esteem and my feelings of self.

I felt remarkably at peace knowing I have done all I can to help my loved ones and my clients that week, despite my utter exhaustion and the emotions that come with that fatigue.

I woke up Sunday morning and went back to the gym to meet with some of my favorite people and help them learn, understand and appreciate the beauty of pushing oneself when exercising. Then I got my workout done and headed down to Lennoxville for Game 3 of my daughter's best-of-five final. I felt light and sunny as I drove down the highway.

In two days I trained my butt off with one of my best friends in the world and i got to coach an incredible group of kids in a seven-on-seven football tournament. I got to watch my daughter compete her ass off in her hockey games ( which is one of the great joys in my life) and I got to feel the earth shake winter off its back with a sunny shrug.

Life is truly great at times and despite a winter in which my anxiety and stress ran wild at moments, I woke Sunday with a sense of peace and comfort I have not felt in a long time. It was strange and comforting all at once.

I would be remiss if i didn't mention that starting my last two weekend mornings with weight training paid massive dividends in my peace of mind and my mood.

Everything feels lighter and easier to handle and even when I get in my own head it's a lot easier to get out.

Those endorphins helped with tough times and moments of hurt and paralyzing fear.

Because I have those sometimes, too.

It's awful, and working our daily allows me to figure the world out, because I have to admit, there are times where I'm not sure know how to live in it anymore.

That's scary, too.

But despite some leftover angst, I woke up Sunday feeling oddly amazing and I guess what I'm saying is that movement is medicine, even when you move daily.

No sugar, no angst and no anxiety.

I think there's pattern here.

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