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My training week, my daily supplement routine and the aches and pains of bodybuilding...

Yup. Shirtless again. In the dead of winter.

My training week, my daily supplement routine and the aches and pains of bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is as much a science as it is an art, and I’m really, really liking how it feels to sculpt my muscles and feel the results. In all truthfulness, though, it feels good to examine the results visually in the mirror, as well.

I’m leaning out and gaining muscle growth in some of the places I was hoping to get growth and a little bit more definition in my abdominal area, as I had hoped. My discipline over the holidays was pretty good, if I do say so myself, and I’m thrilled with the amount of cardio I got done over the holidays. It’s been so long since I started doing this that I can’t remember the last date I didn’t train. I want to say Nov. 10, but that’s a guess, at best.

My week looks like this: my training usually moves around in the day, and always, always gets inserted into the schedule where it will best fit, based on my clients, my teaching schedule and my kids’ needs.

Well, part 1, anyway, because detailing the entire week in one post sounds unnecessarily long.

But I’ve had success sticking to the program precisely because I make it a priority in my life and because I love how I feel after I get done. I simply love how my body rewards me with endorphins and the now-familiar light soreness associated with heavy weight training.

Might as well start on Mondays. On those days, I have a standing 6:30 workout with a client at his home, followed by a standing 8 a.m. appointment at Midtown Le Sanctuaire with a truly excellent client, followed by another hour of cardiovascular work at Midtown. I’ll drink a protein shake in the car between the two locations, and a Tupperware full of spinach and chicken. From there, I’ll drive back to the West Island and teach a couple of classes back to back at the Dollard des Ormeaux Seniors Club, which is really fun and a great workout in and of itself. By 3 p.m. I usually arrive home and pick up the kids from school and try to have quick nap after I eat again before I make dinner. At 6:45, I usually see another client – a friend of mine who I occasionally refer to in this blog – and her kids for a family workout. My son, who plays football with her son, tags along and we have a grand old time doing fun metabolic relay races and other fun workout stuff.

By the time I get back at 8, it’s bedtime for my son, and the dogs and I saddle up for our nightly walk around Pointe Claire and Beaconsfield, usually for an hour and a half or more.

Tuesdays are a little less onerous. After I get done with clients at Midtown at 11 a.m., I work out for an hour and a half until my 12:30 appointment shows up. When that’s done, I high-tail it back to the West Island for a standing 4 p.m. workout with another client, and then I’m done for the day – until it comes time to take the dogs out for a walk. And believe me, they never forget when it’s time for that.

Then, I pass out in bed, and get up to do it all over again on Wednesday morning!

Part 2 coming later this week…to detail the end part of the week.

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