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NFL Draft live blog with Cole and Marc

8:15 p.m.Roger Goodell welcomes everyone to a virtual draft. Says he'll miss the hugs and the interactions with fans. Instead, he gets booed by remote for a couple of seconds before cutting the feed. Says Cincinnati is on the clock, where they'll take every second possible before drafting Joe Burrow.

Mel Kiper, Jr. is on the screen. Looks about a hundred years old.

Joe Burrow, the presumptive number one pick, is sitting. And waiting.

8:26: and Burrow is the guy

8:27: Washington is on the clock. Booger MacFarland is talking about Chase Young. The breakdown is fine, but I am immediately suspicious of a grown man who goes by the name Booger.

8:33: The idea is that Chase Young will go next to Washington. The chatter was quiet, so here it is: Chase Young.

8:34 Detroit is on the clock. Let the action begin.

8:37 pick is in for Detroit. No trades to announce yet. Yet. If they keep it, it could be Okudah.

8:39: Okudah to the Lions. Enjoy getting your ass kicked, kid. Giants are on the clock.

8:42: These 10-minute windows are really streamlining the process. Leaving out the Goodell bro-hugs is also making things move just a little more quickly

8:46: Pick is in for the first surprise of the night Andrew Thomas is the first offensive lineman off the board. He's a polished LT and will protect Daniel Jones. They hope. 8:54 pick is in for Dolphins should be Tua, even after they outperformed their roster to 5-11 finish last season, after management did all they could to void the roster of talent prior to the season.

8:55: Tua to Miami. Chargers on the clock. Miami just became the favorite in the AFC East next year. Sorry, Bills fans.

9:01: Pick is in for Chargers

9:03: Chargers take Justin Herbert. They would do well to let him sit behind perennial placeholder Tyrod Taylor for a year. Cole thinks he has Trubisky-type bust potential if he's not developed properly.

9:05.pick is in for Panthers

9:11 The Panthers take space eater Derrick Brown out of Auburn, allowing Isaiah Simmons to fall to the Jacksonville Jaguars, who fall backwards into another all-world defender. Brown will collapse pockets in the NFC Sourh and get after those two old-guy QBs in the division. Cards pick is in: Could be Simmons, here, too.

9:15: and it's Simmons. This kid is going to be amazing. If the Cards are smart, theyll jyust turn him loose.

9:18 Jacksonville is on the clock. We have no idea where this is going. Maybe Tristan Wirfs?

Jacksonville goes for the hometown kid, C.J. Henderson, who played around the corner at FSU. Mel Kiper, Jr. says his tackling is suspect. Well, so was Deion Sanders' tackling. 4.37 is all I need to know.

9:20 Browns are on the clock. Pick is in: It's going to be Wirfs, right?

9:21 Sick kid announces the Browns pick, sort of....

9:27: Pick is Jedrick Wills. Cole was right. I was wrong. I hope this is not a trend that continues. Jets on the clock.

9:33 Jets pick is in. Get ready to boo like Roger Goodell is in your living room

9:35 Cole says no matter who the Jets pick, it will be stupid. And he's only 10! Poor Jets fans.

Mekhi Becton to the Jets. Too bad. I had hopes for the kid. He'll probably get hit by a bus. At 6'7, 364 and athletic , it;'s the only thing that moves and is bigger than he is.

9:35 Raiders pick is in. Jerry Jeudy? Nope

9:42 Raiders upset the board and take Henry Ruggs, a deep threat who will take the top off the defence, out of Oklahoma. Leave it to the Raiders to F everything right up.

9:46: Bucs trade up one spot has to be wirfs right?

9:48: Pick is in for Bucs

9:50: Bucs select Tristan Wirfs 49ers on the clock

9:56: Pick is in for 49ers

9:59: 49ers take Javon Kinlaw

10:02 Broncos pick is in

10:05: Broncos take Jerry Jeudy Atlanta on the clock

10:08: Pick is in for Atlanta

10:13: Atlanta takes A.J. Terrell

10:18: Pick is in

10:20: Cowboys take CeeDee Lamb Miami on the clock

10:25: Austin Jackson taken

10:30 Pick is in

10:32 Raiders take Damon Arnette who is this guy

10:36 Pick is in

10:41: Jaguars take K'Lavon Chaisson

10:44: Pick is in

10:48: Philadelphia Eagles take Jalen Reagor

10:51 Vikings pick is in: will it be a WR, or a pass rusher? Roger Goodell is doing a SKOL dance with Vikings fans. Dipshit.

10:53: It's WR Justin Jefferson


New England trades oit of the 23rd slot. The Chargers pick is in.

11:00: Chargers take Kenneth Murray

11:07 Pick is in

11:09 Saints take Cezar Ruiz


49ers trade for 25 pick they trade the other first and two other picks

11:16: 49ers pick Brandon Aiyuk

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