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NFL Thursday night picks

This is a new idea that Cole had, and that I thought was a good idea also, making it a family project that doubles as a great excuse to watch too much TV every Sunday. This will be a new segment that we do weekly, and will start with this Thursday-night-game. Make sure to check in regularly to see our survivor picks and Sunday football games.

For tonight, the Packers -- ptui! (that's a spitting noise. I hate the Packers with all my heart) -- roll into Arizona to take on the undefeated Cardinals -- and here's how we think it's going to go down.

Cole: This Thursday-night-game is looking out to be one of the best in this week of football. I believe the Packers will take this game in a shoutout victory, since 2015 in the ten games Davante Adams has not played Aaron Rodgers has achieved 2,611 yards passing 22 touchdowns on only 3 interceptions. I believe that A-Rod will step up and become the number one seed in the NFL cementing himself as the best quarterback in football. Now I don’t it will be a landslide of a victory for the Packers I think that Kyler Murray will do as much as he can but will not come up with a victory as the Green Bay defense force him to throw the ball underneath and create a lot of third and longs that the Cards can not convert. Packers win on the road.

Marc: Cards get DeAndre Hopkins back and no Davante Adams for Packers. Plus, I hate the Packers with the fire of a thousand suns. I think Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback of all time – in my firmly held opinion, but I hope he gets hit by a bus. The Packers defense is not great without lockdown corner Jaire Alexander at full strength. J.J.Watt won’t play, and Preston Smith is out for the Packers. With holes everywhere, look for Kyler Murray to win it for Cards. Cards win, go to 8-0, and the Packers go home sad. That's a win-win.

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