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Perspective is everything, no?

So I have come far enough where posting a shirtless photo doesn't feel too traumatizing. 64 pounds down since Jan. 1 and I am so, so grateful to everyone who has been there along the way

So, part of my healing journey throughout this last six months has been the realization that, for most of my life, my self-esteem was very, ery low. I had been conditioned from childhood – for whatever reason – that I was too loud, too noisy, too emotional and too…everything. I have internalized outside strife and let it consume me at times and I’m sort of all done with that.

My therapist tells me that I’m protecting my traumatized inner child from more trauma by letting my anxiety run away with me at times over the years, and my wondering if I’m doing enough to make ,my loved ones happy drove me to lose my sense of self.

Now, I’m putting on my own oxygen mask.

I have started working with Reiki energy healers and I have accepted that I am not necessarily in control of my life and to maybe stop trying to assume control of all aspects of it.

I spend my days now, detailing my gratitude for people in my life, and I continue to be. My year without sugar has me down 64 pounds to this point and we are but five months into the year.

There are days where I work out two and three times in a day, so exercise isn’t an issue.

I’m trying like hell to make my loved ones feel like the priority in my life and it’s going well.

How’s that? Because I’m taking care of myself and putting my oxygen mask on first.

The other night I was lifting with a couple of young men I coach at Lakeshore football and it was an absolute delight. When they left, I was filled with the kind of joy that only a combination of movement and camaraderie can bring – and it made me think.

Truth is perspective, and when I was working with those young men and as they discovered more and more through the session, I was filled with the light of joy.

We are here to do whet brings us joy and helps our light shine onto the world.


And I’m incredibly thankful I get to do it.

So, my heart is full because every day, my clients get more and more used to the idea that movement is medicine.

I can’t tell you, dear readers, how often I have heard from clients who show up telling me they are exhausted and leave my gym feeling energized, alive and high on endorphins.







Movement is medicine.

I cannot emphasize enough how exercise can be a cure for mental ills as well. Anxiety, stress and hurt feelings tend to melt away when the sweat rises. Message me or send me an e-mail and we'll get you started right away.

I would be remiss if I were to omit the person I’m most grateful for and that is the presence of love in my life. I am so, so grateful for the greatest angel of my existence. Period. You know who you are.

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