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So, everything hurts and I'm so very, very tired.. but still better every day

Never, ever in my life have I adhered this strongly to a smart eating regime. Never in my life have I been this dedicated to a single physical goal that has precluded my near-pathological need to eat garbage food late at night like some sort of jackal who doesn’t know any better, and never in my life have I felt this good about my body.

I find myself in a very unique position because very few people in the world can channel their passion into greatness, and I am fortunate in that I have the knowledge, the skill set and the weightlifting base to survive a dramatic uptick in the amount I’m lifting.

In addition, the summer and the extra work I put in preparation for my quad surgery has also borne fruit.

Of course, this optimism must be muted by the fact that it’s only day 3 of this little adventure, but I think there was an important step: I survived the weekend, and that’s pretty exciting. My bug has always been a problem with emotional overeating and that usually happens when I’m stressed out or merely bored and hanging around the house.

Well, it was another huge day with an hour and a half in the weight room doing chest and triceps development exercises in addition to the 200 pushups I did at home after while watching football while I had three decent sized meals of broccoli and chicken, asparagus and chicken and a third meal of spinach and chicken. Always three cups of greens and one cup of proteins, along with a small handful of almonds and with the dogs getting a long walk at night before bed.

It’s been super easy and in no way difficult to maintain high energy and proper function,. In fact, I have as much energy as I can remember having in a long, long time.

I have a friend who told me that if I keep posting about my journey – and especially if I keep posting shirtless pictures (perv!) – maybe she, too would be inspired to join in and work out a bit more regularly. I told her – absolutely! Not only would I post more shirtless photos, but I would also tell her about a class I hold every Friday afternoon in Kirkland. It’s a lot of fun and it’s a high-energy resistance cardio class that will jack your metabolic rates through the roof!

OK, OK. I know. It sounds like a plug.

That’s cause it is!

But it’s a great class, and lots of fun.

Message me for details at

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