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Top 10 reasons to get a dog

Getting a dog has all kinds of benefits -- and some are even for you

Winters here in the West Island can get awfully cold and awfully dark, and often, they feel awfully long. I mean, we’ve had sub-zero temperatures since Tuesday, and that’s enough for me.

Bring on Spring, dude. The challenge of negotiating the long, dark time of the year is actually a legitimate medical condition called Seasonal Affectivity Disorder, where the sheer drop in the amount of sunlight we receive in a day can have adverse effects on our brain chemistry. Science has proven, though, that dogs have the power to help us get through tough times through love, companionship, warmth and ‘the love stare’ that dogs fix upon their humans, which all help to boost positive brain activity.

10. Cuddling with a warm, sleeping dog is classified as a minor miracle, officially.

9. Waking up with dog hair all over your sweater is actually considered a fashion trend in many countries

8. Unconditional, reverential love that knows no bounds. Certainly, my half-newfie-half-lab Diesel’s love knows literally no bounds. If you are in the house and are close by to pet him. Diesel will find you and whine gently until you do pet him.

7. Kisses. My adorable half-Saint-Bernard-half-Great Pyrenees Bear will kiss you until you realize that she’s no longer expressing her affection, and rather, tasting you. Then it just feels weird. Bad example? I don’t know.

6. Just get one

5. Seriously.

4. You’ll thank me

3. Besides being scientifically proven to lower stress levels and help production of positive brain chemicals, I’ve heard that rescuing a dog can also increase penis size. With just one cool trick!

2. OK. Not true, but in addition to being a warm companion on a cold night, a dog’s devotion and unconditional love (I take issue with that; my dogs only seem to love me unconditionally when I’m feeding them.

1. Get a dog. Tell me I’m wrong. You won’t and you can’t. Besides, in a province where there are more animals abandoned than in any other part of Canada, it’s almost like a responsibility. So by rescuing an unwanted animal, you will not only make their life better – you’ll make yours better as well.

Cuddling with Bear is excellent for my mental health

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