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We have a domain name

Change the bookmarks on your computers and phones, people. You can find us at, and even listed on Google! How exciting!

It's so exciting in fact, that we have experienced a slight upswing in traffic today. Must be the snow.

We have a new domain name. Bookmark and you, too can get a big thumbs up

Anyway..bang it here for a look at the Don Cherry controversy, tomorrow's exercise of the day, more content from Cougars Week and more nonsense from my diseased brain.

So, visit www.marclalondeexperience early and often.

I'll post some great photos from the peewee AAA football final Sunday afternoon and our first deep dive into the scheme and tactics that each Cougars team enlisted to help them win a championship. We will start tomorrow with a look at how we installed complex blocking schemes with 9- and 10-year-olds, and did it successfully!

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