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You are what you consistently do

I wanted to talk about a word today that matters in life – sometimes more than we can know or understand.

That word is consistency.

The polar vortex weekend is nearly past us, and the subarctic temperatures that came with it are nearly gone as I write this on Sunday morning.

One day after my daughters fourth – and final, with any luck – 18th birthday party last night, I went to bed early and got up early also.

It’s another big day, but today I wanted to talk about consistency. Why’s that? Because I’m tired and I have no interest in working out at present.

I go to the gym and I work out at a strenuous level 7 days a week. Every day, I do a minimum of 10 weight sets three times for an overall yield of 30 sets. Some days I do one body part, other days another.

The point, dear readers, is that I work out EVERY DAY.

‘Of course you do,’ you’ll say. ‘You’re a trainer.’

I’m a trainer because I work out every day. That came first. I love how it makes me feel, how it makes my life better, how it helps me manage my stress and it makes my food taste better.

Now, I have put on some weight largely due to emotional eating that I had very little control over, but the fact remains it has been easier for my body to bounce back and take it off because I work out every day. I walk my dogs a long distance every night – except the last two. The -46C with wind-chill factored in was the coldest Montreal has been IN MY LIFETIME.

That’s incredible.

So on that frigid Friday and sub-zero Saturday, I worked legs and abdominals again because of a sore right shoulder.

Well, didn’t the chickens come home to roost during my dog walk Saturday night because my right knee swelled up a little.

But, come Sunday morning, the swelling had subsided. So, I’m off to the gym.

Why? Because consistency matters. Being consistent means doing something you don’t want to do because it matters and doing it by choice.

It means grinding your gears and building a sweat when your body would rather be doing other things.

That said, the value is intrinsic. It forces you to work a daily workout iunto your schedcule, which as you all know, is invaluable.

Movement is medicine, and because I now know that my eating issues are a result of trauma and not because I am some sort of a mistake, It’s ben easy to kick sugar. We are 36 days into my year without sugar and no temptations have arisen since the last one I wrote about a few days back.


It’s Sunday, so it’s a day I get to do whatever I like. Free-form Sunday can be a real delight. The freedom to choose 10 exercises in any order I like? Yes, please.

I keep telling myself I am strong and I’m starting to believe it. I have love in my life and that makes me stronger than anything.

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