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A rumination on life, parenting, sports and fitness

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A week of turmoil, considered

Someone who I think very highly of once told me that going through a healing process like the one I’m undergoing now is kind of like a...

A momentous life decision

By the time you read this, I’ve come to a humongous life decision. Might be the biggest one of my life. Could be second. Maybe third. And...

All my nerve endings are on fire

I’m coming to grips with a lot of emotions this week. Soooo many. My daughter – one of the loves of my life – will turn 18 at the end of...

The season of healing

There are a lot of things in life we don’t have the courage to handle – even into our adult years. Heck, I’m 46 years old and there are...

Cougars climb championship mountain

The Lakeshore Cougars took home three league titles this weekend, with their expansion Midget, Peewee and Mosquito teams all completing...

Game day preview

Lakeshore Football will host five league semifinals, with the chance for all five of those teams to move onto their league championship...

NFL Thursday night picks

This is a new idea that Cole had, and that I thought was a good idea also, making it a family project that doubles as a great excuse to...

My wish for my daughter on her 16th birthday

There’s a song I love to listen to while I walk or run with my dogs at night – even after 8 p.m. – by U.S. country group Rascal Flatts. I...

Christmas? Bah, humbug!

I’m really not in the Christmas spirit. At all. I’m at a loss, folks. Christmas is here. But not the parties, the occasions, the suppers...

A word (or several hundred) on love

It might be the most powerful force on the planet. It can move mountains, break down walls, make peace, save lives, topple dictatorships,...

There are things money can’t buy

As I drive around the neighbourhood I live in, I’m stunned, and a little surprised by the cars that circulate when I drop off my children...

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