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A rumination on life, parenting, sports and fitness

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It's all about the shoes

I stood there, watching my shoe get smacked about by speeding traffic about 40 feet below where I was standing and decided there were...

Coming to grips with self-worth

The answers to our questions about ourselves always come from within. This whole winter has been about that for me. I have historically...

We got into the newspaper

So, a few weeks back, an old journalism-school friend and award-winning writer reached out looking to speak to me about training and some...

There is no RIGHT exercise

My clients often ask me what the best way to exercise is.That’s an incredibly loaded question, because there is absolutely no right...

Your. Life. Will. Be. Better

Winter misery doesn’t have to be miserable! The doldrums of winter are tough, man! It’s cold, snowy and cold and snowy. It’s dark at,...

The last set is ALWAYS the best set

I know I’ve sung this song before, and danced this dance. I’m aware that I have preached this ‘movement is medicine’ thing over and over,...

A few words about my son

This blog has often been fraught with praise for my daughter and descriptions of the times my son and I have spent together. Looking...

It was time to start this thing up again

Welcome back, dear readers! I’m so glad to be back writing to you again, and I’m very glad to be reconnecting with you all again once...

Walk your way to good health

The 10,000-step threshold is very real. It’s been said by others smarter than I that walking 10,000 steps a day is a barometer for good...

The week from hell, managed

Dear readers, this has been the week from hell. Last week, I noticed one of my beloved dogs, Diesel, was lethargic and not eating. After...

A huge loss in my life

This has been a tough week in my season of healing. I spent part of the beautiful weekend sick with a flu and woke up Monday morning with...

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