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A rumination on life, parenting, sports and fitness

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We have a domain name

Change the bookmarks on your computers and phones, people. You can find us at, and even listed on Google! How...

What an Incredible Day

It was insanely cold outside – and had been since we arrived in the pre-dawn hours of Sunday morning but as I stood next to Lakeshore...

Top 10 reasons to get a dog

Winters here in the West Island can get awfully cold and awfully dark, and often, they feel awfully long. I mean, we’ve had sub-zero...

The night before….football finals?

What, you wanted a holiday nursery rhyme? It’s finally here. All the practices, all the meetings, all the excitement, the summer nights,...

Walk the plank and strengthen your core

It’s the best core exercise on the planet, for my money – and it is my money There is almost no better way in the world to strengthen the...

Goodbye, Deadspin

One of the greatest reading experiences of my life came when, oh so many years ago, when I was still a reporter and very much in the...

A return to writing

Sometimes in life, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Some other times, you don’t know what you got until it’s gone, it...

A letter to a friend

I’m incredibly angry with you right now. Last week, you were a part of my life, your smile and sunny nature brightening our every...

Enduring my daughter's dating years

I knew it would come. I knew, in my heart of hearts, that the day would come that my little girl, my first born child – the one I still...

Off to the finals

When you coach 10-year-olds playing tackle football, it’s often a miracle if we can just get them to line up properly. So when the...

Weight training: where to begin

Find out who, exactly, doesn’t know squat about exercising Most people have no idea where to begin exercising, and the world of fitness...

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