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A rumination on life, parenting, sports and fitness

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The power of gratitude

I am incredibly grateful for so much in my life. There’s a song by The Indigo Girls that has a line in it that has always resonated with...

Constistency IS the goal

Embrace the process and the results take care of themselves. When new exercisers begin an exercise program, there is often a period of...

Busting weight-room myths

The medium is the message. Marshall McLuhan said that, and I didn’t really understand what that meant until I was a little older and...

Perspective is everything, no?

So, part of my healing journey throughout this last six months has been the realization that, for most of my life, my self-esteem was...

The secret to getting abs

How do you get abs? It’s a big secret – and I can tell you what the answer is. It’s not more crunches or more abdominal exercises. It’s...

Leaving space for myself

My mental health lately has caused me some concerns. I am not sleeping very well, my self-esteem was at an all-time low and I was...

Cole's NFL mock draft top 10

Every year around this time, my son and I get very, very excited for the first part of the football season, which is the NFL Draft. Now,...

Looking to find my smile again

The dark nights of the soul. I have heard people I think very much of say people come into your life for a reason, a season or a...

Football season is here

And finally, finally – FINALLY – after a long winter. Maybe the LONGEST winter of my lifetime, football is back. The greatest sport in...

It's a damn good day to be alive

This has been a season of healing for me. It's been an incredible few months of ups and downs, heartache and heartwork, stress and joy....

The season of healing is now playoff season

OK, I’ve NEVER been more tempted to break my sugar-free year than I was the last few days, y’all. In case you are living under a rock –...

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