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A rumination on life, parenting, sports and fitness

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The pyramids weren't built in a day

How many sets should I do? The answers are here for you. We are what we consistently do. That’s why I go to the gym every day. That’s why...

Talent is NOT required

The best thing about getting better at weight training – the improvements in your physique, cardiovascular capacity, cognitive functions,...

It's all happening

The biggest business decision of my life has come to fruition and I couldn’t be more excited about what has gone on. Loyal readers may...

2023 NFL honors predictions

Cole has some spicy hot takes in this one. All 12 minutes are worth a look! Here are my picks: MVP: Patrick Mahomes, QB Kansas City...

You are what you consistently do

I wanted to talk about a word today that matters in life – sometimes more than we can know or understand. That word is consistency. The...

So, I got a tattoo

It’s super cool! I’ve been afraid my whole life of a lot of things – and getting a tattoo on my skin was high among them. Many times my...

A week of turmoil, considered

Someone who I think very highly of once told me that going through a healing process like the one I’m undergoing now is kind of like a...

A momentous life decision

By the time you read this, I’ve come to a humongous life decision. Might be the biggest one of my life. Could be second. Maybe third. And...

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